The Greatest Skids B Side

pants ahoy!

LOL m8, wouldnt be my favourite but still decent :) David Bowie version is top notch so would be hard for me to find a better version of young dudes

Oh pants

Noticed I am the only person that voted for Dude - it's a brilliant song anyway and I think Skids did a greatb job on it - otherwise I'd be struggling cos am not much of a b side man unless they really stood out - like TV stars

b sides

right own up who voted for 'blood and soil'? is that you webby lol!

Ahoy Pete I think the great

Ahoy Pete

I think the great thing about Saints/Valley/Masquerade/Charade/Yankee is the total quality of the bsides/additional material - it is what made their reputation and what made the singles such events (singles were two, three or four song explorations in the days of vinyl).

I go for Out Of Town because it is the original line and is them in full flight, confident (its a bside!  Outrageously good!) but that it is so like the early material but also new (in lyric/meaning as well as them developing).

Grey Parade is a particular favourite of mine. I just find it so, so moving. I think it allowed them to grow in a really important way. Also, I would like to argue if songs like Grey Parade, Hymns and Filming Africa kind of point towards Richard's interest in film?

B Sides

Dunno what Mick Jones thought, but I remember reading that Jake Burns (SLF) saw the Skids in the early days and nearly packed SLF in as he thought they could never be as good as the Skids live.

Hymns, for me, is a great track, but not my favourite by a long mark. Out of Town isn't one I ever liked that much - I remember at school everyone who bought Masquerade, vitually all of them preferred OOT, but I never thought it came close to the A side. Then they went and butchered it on TAG anyways. Great song but not even their best B side.

I'm probably in a minority in that I think Grey Parade is excellent - I would have that as last song side 1 of DIE. Of the rest I only don't care for Brave Man , Blood And Soil and Aftermath Dub. Most of theses Bs are better than most bands As...

Ahoy, Skids bsides were an

Ahoy, Skids bsides were an event, so, so special.

Right from the off Reasons has stood the test of time, Of One Skin/Night And Day too. But they also allowed the band to please the fans (TV Stars ... it would never have made an album) and experiment (Hymns From A Haunted Ballroom I do think is remarkable because it is dark, has edge, poetry which Richard was getting into, but guitar work that allowed Stuart to further illustrate the scope of his imagination).  Grey Parade could have ended Days In Europa, Vanguards is very, very nearly a worthy winner of best bside (fuck me what a guitar player and what a feel) but, it has to go to Out Of Town for me.  Along with Another Emotion it could arguably have been a single in its own right but they are GREAT as bsides in that the slightly rough recordings suit both songs ... and both are great at the Glasgow gig.  Out Of Town is so, so remarkable, such a great song.  A differnet type of lyric from Richard, a different feel and a genuinly GREAT hook (which is what normally makes a classic Aside).  The way an audience would SING the guitar part to me shows this is something extraordianry.  It makes it so brilliant, so funny that this is what the band considered a BSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is the moment when they were flying creatively, just about starting to explore with Bill Nelson yet still the original line-up.  I mean, cmon, how many others are this good?  Few.

Quick question.  It is true Mike Jones of the Clash stood and watched Stuart? Anyone else noticed how the Clash updated Bill's bass from The Saints Are Coming for London Calling?


hymns - song or narrative?

the only version I have is the JP Sessions 1979 does that make a difference?

I just dont enjoy the errr ummm shall I say the deeper possibly more arty tracks, it helps if there is some sort of singing on a song for me, I must be lacking in some sort of culture somewhere along the line.

b sides

wash yer mouth out with soap cob! you dont like hymns? are yer ears painted on lol!got to say i think the skids  have released better b sides than most bands a sides.

dont like Hymns much either

dont like Hymns much either

Reasons, Test Tube Babies, Open Sound and TV Stars are in the top list

Another Emotion, Out Of Town and Vanguards would be the top 3 with Out Of Town clinching the top place

Another Emotion & Out Of Town

Another Emotion & Out Of Town for me.

Seems I`m in the minority but I can`t stand Hymns.

B Sides

It has to be the 12" version of Braveman for me. Although release during what must have been their least prolific period, this song does it for me everytime. Next would be Vanguards Crusade then Another Emotion.

Best B Side from Armoury Show would be Whirlwind. Jobson really did have a good voice - comments ??

No problem Pete it would be a

No problem Pete it would be a boring world if we all liked the same thing


now I must order my Nolans tickets...........NOT

Of One Skin

Surely that would be a A side Smid? As it's on the A side? I know what you mean tho!

I agree with Blood And Soil, this is p*ss poor even compared to the Joy version which was p*ss poor compared to RGTC. Sorry Wayne, but I think Brave Man isn't far behind.

Skids B-Sides

Torn between Hymns and Vanguard's in the end, but could have voted for another 3 or 4. 

Thanks for keeping the discussion threads going Pete!




b sides

so hard to pick fav b side,today it was reasons but then again vanguard's or hymn's or .... so so hard, pete why have you left out 'of one skin'? from list of b sides. my vote for worst b side goes to ......blood and soil,after hearing the rgtc version and then we get the church choir version on iona ;(

the b sides

good call Pete, some good songs there but Out Of Town does it for me, great song!

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